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Sitting Medicine Buddha on Lotus in Meditation Pose

Sitting Medicine Buddha on Lotus in Meditation Pose

SKU: f9b3e016
Explore Today a beautiful statue for your yoga studio or for the sacred space in your home/office.

Give a beautiful and peaceful presence to your living space with Buddha Statue Meditating serenely on a lotus throne with his hands in the Dhyana Mudra, an ancient gesture of meditation and concentration. The artisan captures his peaceful features and posture in a brass sculpture.

A floral chakra wheel surrounds the master's head like a halo.

Finished in a classic two-tone brass finish color, this statue depicts Buddha mindfully seated on a lotus throne

Stone finish Buddha statue in meditation
Depicts the Dhyana mudra

Color/Finish: Two Tone

Height: 6"

Width: 4.5"

Depth: 3.5"

Material: Brass
Weight: 2.5 lbs

*The sculpture is sturdy with a classic hand carving of Lord Buddha in brass

* Due to the handcrafting some variations in color and/or pattern are to be expected

* Made in India
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