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About Radionics


Radionics is a concept where a healthy person has specific energy frequencies, and a non-healthy person may have very different frequencies (with additional frequencies of diseases/disorders). The thought is that if these unhealthy frequencies can be brought back into balance than the symptoms of this malady or disorder, may be improved.


A Bio-resonance session is meant to restore these energies in the body.  Because everyone's situation is unique, different issues could be contributing to a particular health problem or symptom.  It is impossible to know how a session will affect any one individual. However, there are many different approaches that can be pursued to help aid symptoms caused by arthritis, migraines, viral, bacterial, auto-immune, Lyme disease, chronic fatigue, organ deficiencies, depression, anxiety and more. 

A bio-resonance session can be done solely to increase ones vibration and align ones chakra energies, or align with grounding Earth or connecting with universal energies!  The possibilities are endless! 

Generally speaking, everyone after a Bio-resonance session feels more grounded and more connected to themselves and the universal energies after a session and can't wait to book another!


If you are interested in additional research I'll post credible articles here as I find them.

Here is a good one in the study of bio-resonance and depression.

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