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Meet The Team


Carol Lee

Intuitive Card Reader, Medium, Reiki Healer

Services: Tarot Readings, Psychometry, Astrology, Palmistry, Past Life Readings, Mediumship

Bio: Since I was a little girl I knew things. I felt connected to spirit and universe. I didn’t know how to identify with what was going on until later years. I thought everyone intuited and knew these things. I was always exploring and delving into new knowledge and new experiences on my life’s journey.

I have done this work professionally since 1985. My experience has included tarot card readings, readings using playing cards, palm readings, past-life readings, psychometry, mediumship, and astrology. I strive for both an accurate and compassionate reading and to leave you with hope and an uplifting feeling.

I am a certified Usui and Kundalini Reiki Master Teacher.  My aim is to help and inspire people with their choices and life’s path.



Intuitive Tarot Reader, Reiki and sound healer

Services: Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Card Readings, Mixed Healings Reiki & Chios, Aura Clearing, Chakra Alignment, & Grounding, Crystal Singing Bowl sessions, Biofield Tuning Therapy, Pet Reiki & Communication (needs 24 hour heads up), Past Life Readings, Psychometry, Intuitive Coaching & Channeling. Daniele’s channeling can include: how to help you get unstuck, your soul’s purpose, your animal guides, revealing your angel’s & spirit guide names, past lives, & which archangels are helping you.

Bio: Daniele knew from a very young age she was an intuitive empath, who felt all the joys & sorrows of those around her. Daniele uses her intuitive abilities, diverse experience, & tools to provide you with uplifting and healing messages that will help you move forward, achieve your goals, get unstuck & into a better place. 

Daniele has been reading tarot for 30 years; she’s an intuitive holistic mystic who focuses on natural ways to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually.



Intuitive Tarot Reader

Services offered Intuitive Tarot, Reiki Healings

Brenda is a lifelong Massachusetts resident currently residing in East Bridgewater with her family. She has been studying and honing her skills in Tarot Card readings over the last 30 years, previously only offering readings to family and closest friends. It is a talent passed on to her in her family over many generations.  She offers a contagious curiosity and enthusiasm to her readings that are accurate and ignites your own healing and introspection. Brenda offers insight, highlights your choices and path, and encourages you every step of the way! Brenda’s own philosophy of soul searching introspection and excitement for life certainly spills over into her readings. She strongly believes that each of us needs to create safe space for ourselves to feel, think, and fuel healthy growth and change. Tarot cards will tell you what is attainable, avoidable and available to you. 



Medium, Reiki Master

Services:  Intuitive Reiki, Mediumship, Psychic Oracle

Bio: Kayla has always been sensitive to spirit and the energies around her and has natural intuitive abilities. She is a practicing intuitive reader, medium, and Reiki Practitioner. She took her Reiki classes right here with us at Uplifting Connections. It all started for Kayla after she lost grandmother, and came here for her first ever mediumship reading. She knew after that night that she was exactly where she was supposed to be to begin her healing journey. From this point forward her abilities strengthened, she began reading people, and the messages resonated deeply with her clients. Her greatest passion is tapping into energy to help others see their trauma in a different perspective so they can begin to grow and heal. She knew she needed to come back to where it all began for her to read professionally.

Kayla’s Healings with Body Reading are a combination of Reiki, Chakra clearing, and intuitive reading. Once Kayla is finished working on you energetically she delivers information she received during the session and the session with a single card.  Be ready to be amazed.



Medium, Clairvoyant Psychic, Healer

Services:  Theta Healing, Clairvoyant Psychic Readings (no cards), Animal communication, Theta Healing, Sound healing,  psychic, empathic, or spiritual guidance for children( 10-16y/o), Energy healings and sound (for pain, anxiety, sleep)

My name is Malissa, I am a Psychic Medium and I have been reading for over 10 years. I obtained my Reiki Master Certification in 2016.  Since then, I have broadened my certifications to include Theta Healing and Sound Healing. I am Clairvoyant, so I can see and I also use guidance from my guides, information from your loved ones, remote viewing, and other skills to help me guide you on your healing journey.  Healings are a different experience for everyone, but they are usually physically, emotionally, or medically focused (in past present, future).  I look forward to working with you!


Samaha (Samantha)

Intuitive, Card Reader, Medium, teacher

Services: She specializes in prophecy, future guidance, and connecting to beings in spirit. She offers psychic tarot, mediumship, messages from higher beings, and spiritual mentorship.

BIO: Samaha Yogini is an American-born Easterner who first mastered the psyche in early adolescence and later transitioned to Eastern studies in adulthood. Samaha is on her completion path as a recognized Yogini and Siddha studying the path of Yogam through spiritual teachers and gurus from the East. She is passionate about helping her students heal, center and master their lives using this timeless art.




Customer Support Lead

Services:Clarvoyant psychic readings, Mediumship, Intuitive Life Coaching
Intuitive and traditional life coaching both discuss your goals, inner beliefs, habits, and challenges. However, an intuitive life coach will go deeper to your core on a much more spiritual, energetic, vibration level.

Psychic Medium Readings
I intuitively receive and channel messages to you from spirit through the 5 “clairs”: clairvoyance (vision), clairsentience (feeling), claircognizance (factual knowing), Clairalience (clear smelling) and clairaudience (hearing).
As a Medium I also connect to deceased loved ones and channel messages from them and to them. This helps to give us validation that there is life on the other side.
Since I am both a Psychic and a Medium therefore, a reading with me can be fulfilling on many levels.

Chakra Clearing
Our spiritual organs need to be kept clear, charged, balanced and grounded. Learn how to recognize when your Chakras are not clear, why and techniques to regain them back to health. How they are impacted by the emotions and experiences you’re having. Understanding your energy organs and field can lead to a sense of overall healing and self-empowerment.

Psychic Development
Are you hearing things or have dreams that came true? Are you seeing dead people? Hearing voices? Are you having premonitions, gut feelings.. Being gifted requires responsibility to yourself and others to educate yourself on what it is, howto use it, control it and protect yourself. These gifts are to be taken seriously and understand they can be dangerous if not trained properly BEFORE you consider using them.

Dream Interpretation
Dreams have symbolic messages that we have to decode. They are from our spirit guides, loved ones or angels trying to get through to us.

Animal Communication
If you are wondering what your four legged child is thinking or how they are feeling emotionally, physically, what messages do they have for you, are they ok …

Psychic Medium Investigator

As a Psychic Medium, for several years I have been directly and indirectly assisting Police Officers, detectives and families on unsolved cases, active cases, missing persons/children, drug and various other cases. I do not solve crimes but help provide clues, information and validate that the investigator “is on the right track”.
The first 24-48 hours are crucial in solving missing persons and crimes. I’m here to help you…

JOANNE IS OFFERING SESSIONS BY PHONE OR ZOOM during her available days and times

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